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Customer Reviews

Aneta 09/24/2022

I received a great support from Shontelle - really grateful for having her as my lead :)

Jack Leppington 09/06/22

Excellent Change Management Foundation & Practitioner course provider. Course staff very helpful too.

Mireille Sendashonga 04/18/2022

Very good self paced course
Self paced Change Management course is very well designed. The content is more than enough to successfully pass the certification exam.
Also, I appreciated the prompt response for a small technical issue I had.
Highly recommend.

Anthony 09/23/20

Change Management Foundation - Good course, interesting easy to assimilate content and good customer service.

Ray 09/23/20

Change Management Foundation & Practitioner - The course is very comprehensive and is within a good online platform which is easy to use. The content is presented in a simple, easy to understand way. Love the animated characters btw. Great customer service getting me all setup.

john 09/23/20

Change Management Practitioner - I was a bit skeptical about taking this course online but very happy with the content, explanations and sample paper it provides.

Ezequiel 09/15/20

Good online platform with quality visual and audio materials. Proper support when required. Happy with the results!!

Thalia 09/10/20

The consultation took place in the midst of the on going pandemic and it was a much needed experience. It definitely helped me to adapt to the changing environment and focus my efforts on what was truly important and provided the tools to traverse my new working environment and life as a whole.
The service provided by Change Consult was second to none and was done in a secure and calming manner, would definitely recommend!

SB 11/19/20

I know creating an online non-virtual-classroom learning environment is difficult. This course did feel like someone reading power point slides for 2 days (which it was). And the exercises were more 'thought' exercises than interactive 'quizzes'. I didn't feel comfortable sharing my thoughts on the forums - but no one else seemed to have done this either.

Having said the above - this approach absolutely worked for me. I would not have read and learned from the book anywhere near as effectively as I learned from the video shorts. The videos were short enough I could batch them easily (like reading a book with nice short chapters!) The presenter was nice and clear, the slides useful and I made notes as a went which helped sink the knowledge into my brain.

While I missed sharing stories about learning by getting it wrong which are the most useful part of any classroom course, the ability to learn at my own pace at home (and sit the test from home) - especially in the current covid crisis - more than made up for this.

I came to this course with many years of experience as a programme manager, so many of the concepts were not new to me. If this is your first venture into Change Management you may wish to find a more interactive course, but if you want to professionalise what you have already part-learned through experience, then this course may be a good choice for you.