As a Corporate Executive which camp are you in:

A.  I fear organisational change and I am reluctant to touch it

B.  I have a healthy respect for it

C.  I think it is easy just ‘flick a switch’ and poof, everything and everyone is onboard and all singing and dancing!


Organisational change is messy, egos and politics are usually involved and the spiral of effects in one area permeate deep into the underbelly of the organisation.  As a Corporate Executive you should neither fear nor think organisational change is straightforward. A healthy respect for the discipline and all it encompasses in an organisational context is key and this is where we come in.

My mission and that of the team at Change Consult Ltd. is to shift how Corporate Executives view organisational change and how they go about implementing it.

Divorced from the intricate details of organisational life and engulfed in pressure from all directions, Corporate Executives can often be blinded as to the true nature of organisational change and what is needed to realise their change vision.

Deep work will be required to expose the hindrances to your vision for the change.  Left untreated, toxic corporate elements can fester, but it is our duty to open the windows and let the fresh air come in – lifting the fog and exposing the ‘fat elephant’ in the room that is gorging and inhibiting the change you would like to see.

  • No more denial – only acceptance and positive action;
  • Clarity for the talent that is needed to bring your change vision to fruition – after all why would you trust your most valuable asset and your legacy to the untrained and unproven;
  • A holistic approach to change as the only way forward and;
  • Shifting of the paradigm of ‘what’s in it for the organisation’ (WIIFTO) to ‘what’s in it for the employee’ (WIIFTE), because without faithful stewards, the organisation is doomed and will become extinct.



Our consulting industry experience includes:

Government​   |      Financial    |    Insurance    |   Healthcare   |     ​Media/Advertising     |    Manufacturing

We have worked with local and global companies to help them realise their change vision.  Some of these companies include:



Giving back – it’s not all about the money

For the last 4 years our team has focused on providing change expertise on funded projects by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Government of Canada, that would benefit developing countries.  Some of the institutions we have worked with include:



Are you a Change Leader and interested in learning about Change Management?

Our APMG accredited courses in change management helps you to become certified in the field and learn tactics about how to implement organisational change so you can take your organisation to the next level.