How it all began

Life is all about CHANGE!

The stability once seen in the marketplace is now a thing of the past.  Companies expand, merge, restructure and layoff individuals at an alarming rate.  The founder of Change Consult Ltd, Shontelle Bryan, was a part of two massive restructurings in her early career which were conducted without care and concern for the retrenched and survivors and left individuals bewildered, jobless and in mental turmoil.  This was the start of the quest to find out how organisational change can be done better and not have such a detrimental impact on employees.  Fast forward a few years, many certifications and research sessions later, the founder decided to form a bespoke consultancy with the following mission:

  1.  To help organisations who are going through systems, culture change and restructuring devise a fair and balanced process, that would ensure impacts on employees are minimised as well as the business.
  2. To coach Senior and Line Managers as to their role in organisational change so they can be effective in future initiatives.
  3. To provide training to individuals who are required to lead and manage change in their organisation so they are equipped with tools and strategies that allows for success.

The team at Change Consult all share the drive to see leaders of change fulfill their role with competence and be successful at the change under their purview.  This is manifested with every training course we run, forum interaction and consultancy initiative we are a part of.

To effect change, check out offerings below.


Organisational offering

We provide accredited training courses in the field of change management to help organisations transform their way of working into one that is more efficient and allows competitive advantage.

Our courses are ‘online’ via our website, and allows some of the most common organisational issues to be addressed:

Areas we address include:

  1. How to integrate change management into a project and organisational context
  2. The tools and tactics leaders of change require for their toolkit
  3. How to overcome employee resistant and make change ‘stick’
  4. How to identify organisational culture and align it with the vision, mission and shared values
  5. What models should I use for the different types of organisational change i.e. adoption of new systems, culture change, company restructuring

The team brings training expertise and 20 years experience working with organisations across Europe and the Americas. International exposure, coupled with best of breed tools and best practices equips us to provide well rounded training and address your organisational issues should you require bespoke consultancy services.


Our consulting industry experience includes:

Government​   |      Financial    |    Insurance    |   Healthcare   |     ​Media/Advertising     |    Manufacturing

Our employees have worked with local and global companies and made a real difference to their ways of working.  Some of these companies include:



Giving back – it’s not all about the money

For the last 4 years our team has focused on providing change expertise on funded projects by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Government of Canada, that would benefit developing countries.  Some of the institutions we have worked with include:

Our focus is on Systems change, Culture change and Restructuring.

Check out our accredited courses and become certified and ready to take your organisation to the next level.  If you require a bit more help, email or give us a call.



Personal offering

Change can be difficult on a personal level.  Environmental and work stress can intensify even the simplest change we may face.  Our blog offers useful information about ‘why we think and behave the way we do’ and tactics we can use to create new or different mindsets.  This is the start or building blocks of being able to make successful personal changes.  In the near future, we will be offering online services in the area of Emotional Intelligence.  Our services will include the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment  and feedback session for individuals as well as Coaching sessions.  Have a look at what Emotional Intelligence entails and watch this space for the launch of this offering.