APMG Change Management Practitioner – ONLINE

The Change Management Practitioner is an advanced level course that builds on the concepts in the Change Management Foundation and focusses on how to apply these concepts in ‘real world’ situations.  On gaining this qualification, the candidate should have knowledge to start applying change techniques and approaches to change initiatives and offer insights and ideas to assist with decision-taking and evaluating options.  This qualification is designed for individuals who want to lead change initiatives and be successful at ‘making the change stick’.

Become Internationally certified and learn how to lead change intitatives


  • Course Type :     E-Learning
  • Includes:             Videos, Course materials, Quizzes
  • Duration:            15 hours
  • Accredited:         Yes
  • Forums:               Yes
  • Exam Included: Optional

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This course contains videos that covers the Change Management Practitioner syllabus.  The following areas are covered:

  1. Techniques to affect motivation and temperament of individuals
  2. Learning Theory application
  3. Organisational culture and metaphors implications
  4. Emergent and planned change situations
  5. Communication and Engagement strategy and biases
  6. Projects, programmes and portfolios
  7. Change levers
  8. Assessment of change impacts
  9. Change resistance and adoption
  10. Sustaining the change

We have included an additional video on Exam Technique.

There are also Quizzes associated with each module and there is also an Exam Simulator to get you ready for the real exam.

At the end of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Identify the organizational drivers of a change initiative and the links that initiative has with any governance structures
  • Use a range of organisational paradigms to understand, support and sustain change processes, taking account of the culture of the organisation
  • Apply an appropriate process framework to help plan or understand any particular organisational change
  • Establish a clear framework of roles, skills and activities through which leaders from different levels can support and sustain the change process
  • Contribute effectively to preparation for a change initiative, including building the change team, offering insights which improve team effectiveness
  • Offer relevant insights in discussions about how to prepare people for change, including planning for learning and motivational issues relevant to different roles and types of people
  • Help colleagues understand the difference between organisation change and the human impact of transition, and suggest practical leadership actions at different stages of a change
  • Support the identification and mapping of stakeholders in a change process and help develop approaches to build and maintain stakeholder engagement
  • Draft the communications plan for a change initiative, taking proper account of the various stakeholders and of an appropriate range of communication channels
  • Recognise signs of resistance to change and propose actions to mitigate it
  • Propose a range of levers by which a change can be sustained and become embedded in the organisation

This course is aimed at the following individuals

  • Change Managers
  • Aspiring Change Managers
  • Change Leaders i.e Project Sponsor
  • Business Change Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • PMO staff
  • Anyone involved in design, development and delivery of change

Change Management Practitioner exam particulars:

  • The examination is open book (use only the Change Management manual)
  • The examination is based on a scenario
  • The paper has 80 questions
  • The exam should be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • The pass mark is 40/80 or 50%