Upcoming Webinars


   Wearing 2 hats

   Date: TBA
   Location: Online virtual event
   Description: TBA

Upcoming Global Events

   Australasian Change Days 2020

   Date: Friday September 11th – Sunday September 13th, 2020 (COMPLETED)
   Location: Online virtual event (3 days)
   Description: The theme is ‘Building Connectedness’. Do you lead change or strive to make a difference? 3 Days in September that will inspire!
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   Collective Trauma Online Summit: The Power of Collective Healing

   Date: Tuesday September 22nd – Thursday October 1st, 2020
   Location: Online event
   Description: Thomas Hübl hosts 40+ experts on the topic of collective trauma including leading psychotherapists, neuroscientists, indigenous wisdom keepers, biologists, artists, poets, professors and so many more. This 10-day global event will engage compelling conversations, leaving you more trauma-informed as well as inspired. If you’ve been looking around at the world wondering: “What can I do?” joining this conversation may give you an important piece of what you’re looking for. Explore the potential for healing personal, inter-generational, and collective trauma with speakers and talks, as well as poetry, meditation, and music.
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   Toronto Change Days 2020

   Date: Saturday November 7th, 2020
   Location: Online virtual event
   Description: The theme is ‘Building Bridges’. Join this festival of facilitated exploration into the world of change, as a change maker, facilitator, agent or leader.
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