Our aim is to help your organisation build its change capability from within.   Our Consultancy Practice focusses on three (3) main areas and when this is combined with our Training offering, competency and capability of dealing with change is achieved.

Our three (3) areas of focus are outlined below:

  Change Management Office (CMO) Setup

We help you determine the quantity and number of Change Professionals your enterprise requires to cope with the initiatives in your change portfolio.  Mandate, roles and ways of working are also defined to ensure smooth functioning of the team.


 Change Management Templates

Use or tailor our Change Management templates, we don’t mind!  Every Change Management Office needs a list of templates to work from and to document relevant aspects about the change initiative.  Standardisation is key and also allows for ‘tangible’ outputs.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence helps Leaders and Staff to effectively cope with change and Leaders to achieve buy-in.  We offer the EQi-2.0 Leadership and Workplace Assessments that highlights strengths and weaknesses and allows for greater success in your role.