Managing Director and Lead Trainer

Shontelle Bryan is a zealous Corporate Transformation Advisor that works predominantly with pioneering corporate executives to help them realise their vision for the organisation when new systems are implemented.  This is accomplished through a unique blend of bespoke organisational change tactics and mindset shifting, that allows these business leaders to implement strategies that facilitate adoption of new systems and the full streamlining of interdependent organisational elements that support this new way of working. The result is a cohesive, well-functioning organisation that is accruing benefits on an organisational and personal level.

Shontelle allows corporate executives to ‘dream’ of how the future should look with the new system implemented and go beyond the conventional, to a future that also allows for agility and competitiveness in the marketplace as well as a committed staff complement.  She believes that staff that are affected by the introduction of new systems should be a part of the implementation and should achieve benefits at least equal to the financial and operational benefits the organisation will achieve.  No longer are staff overlooked or taken advantage of when a new system is put in place.  This was the trigger for Shontelle’s introduction to the field of organisational change very early in her professional career and it is one of the fundamental elements in her work that achieves superior results for her Clients.

Her consultancy with Banks across the Americas such as Bank of Nova Scotia and Royal Bank of Canada achieved 6 figure cost savings and efficiencies and organisations under the WPP Group achieved 7 figure cost savings from leveraging the principles and Shontelle’s unique approach.  Her clients are always eager to embark on a change journey with her and she has a stellar reputation for her professionalism, commitment and ‘can do’ attitude.

Shontelle holds an MBA from Durham University UK, she is an APMG accredited trainer in Change Management and certified in Emotional Intelligence.  She is also qualified with the British Psychological Society (BPS) for Test Use in the field of Occupational, Ability and Personality.  She owes her success to continuous learning, innate curiosity and passion for seeing change ‘done well’.

In her spare time, Shontelle is an avid art history buff and can be found at art talks and wading through art galleries to saturate herself in inspirational pieces.  She also believes in ‘living well’ which includes clean eating, yoga and taking time to rest and reconnect to self.


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