EQ-i 2.0 assessments 


We offer assessments to individuals who want to understand their emotional intelligence and how it affects their work, goals and personal lives.  An individual can be gifted academically and have lots of degrees and certifications, but unless they are able to get along with others at work, handle stress and challenges as they arise and be able to express themselves clearly, others may not see their gifts and talents, which could prevent them from being successful.  They could also be unconsciously sabotaging themselves thus preventing growth and inhibiting the fulfillment of their purpose.

The EQ-i 2.0 assessment will provide you with scores that indicate your emotional intelligence in the composites and sub-composites as in the example on the right, and action points that you can start putting in place to improve the areas you would like to work on.

These areas can also be personal in nature such as forming personal relationships based on trust, dealing with biases and coping with change.

Individuals who are keen on personal development can purchase the assessment and one or more additional coaching sessions.  Once purchased you will be sent a link to take the test and on completion, we will send you the Workplace Report with your scores and action points.  You will also be offered a feedback coaching session to discuss the results and set out a plan for implementing the action points.  The maximum duration of this session is 1 hr 30 minutes.

Additional coaching sessions (30 mins) can also be booked.

The assessment and feedback session as well as additional coaching sessions can be purchased and booked below by choosing the appropriate option.



Human Resource personnel, Directors and Managers can also request assessment and coaching sessions and have a few options to choose from.  They can purchase one or more assessments for current or prospective employees and once these are completed, the Workplace Report(s) will be sent to the individual that requested the assessment (e.g. Department Manager or HR Manager) and they would be invited to the feedback session.  This session has a maximum duration of 1 hr.

Employee Reports can also be provided if you require a summary of key composites and action points, an analysis and recommendations on the employee’s suitability for a role or are facing an organisational challenge you would like to change e.g. conflict.  These can be purchased below by choosing ‘EQ-i 2.0 Assessment and Feedback session (Organisation – incl. 1 employee assessment & debrief with Manager – extras available)’ as the Service and adding one or more ‘Employee Report’ as extras.

The assessment and debrief session with Manager as well as 1-1 and group coaching sessions with staff can be purchased and booked below by choosing the appropriate option.


  Take a look at an example of a Workplace Report you will receive when you take the EQ-i 2.0 assessment…


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