Change Consult Ltd. offers online Emotional Intelligence testing using assessments based on the EQ-i 2.0 model:

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Based on the original BarOn EQ-i authored by Reuven Bar-On, copyright 1997.

The EQ-i 2.0 measures emotional intelligence across five (5) composites and fifteen (15) sub-composites and provides scores that indicate your level of Emotional Intelligence.   A total score for EQ is also derived from your composite scores.  A description of the five (5) composites are as follows:

Self-Perception Self-Expression Interpersonal
How we think about ourselves, pursue our goals and how well we understand our own emotions How well we express our feelings, communicate them openly in a non-offensive manner and our ability to be self-directed and  free from emotional dependency on others Developing and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships, recognising and appreciating how others feel and willingness to contribute to the society or one’s social group


Decision Making Stress Management
The ability to find solutions to problems in situations where emotions are involved, our capacity to remain objective, recognise the influence of our personal biases and the ability to resist or delay an impulse How well we adapt our emotions to unfamiliar circumstances or ideas, our ability to cope with stress and our outlook on life


A score outlining your Total Emotional Intelligence as well as the Well-being indicator or Happiness is also derived, and this is based on scores obtained from the composites.